Delta Sand and Gravel
Delta Sand and Gravel, Inc., sells sand and gravel stone based products, trap rock products, and some organic materials. We also accept a variety of inbound products and offer certified weighing for trucks. Current Aggregate Summary

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Title 5 Fill Information

Delta Sand and Gravel, Inc.

Sized Double-Washed Gravel Stone

All sized gravel stones are double-washed. With the exception of specialized round stone for landscaping and roofing, all stones are crushed and sized for different construction needs. Stones are often used in concrete mixtures, drainage, and septic systems.
  • 1/4"
  • 3/8"
  • 1/2"
  • 3/4"
  • 1"
  • 1-1/2"
  • 3/4" Blend
  • Round Stone, Various Sizes
  • 3/8" YELLOW Stone
Delta Sand and Gravel, Inc.

Processed Base Materials

Base materials range from bank run products to various screened gravels to crushed gravels. Hardpak is a combination of recycled asphalt, concrete, and gravel products that makes an excellent base.
  • Crushed Gravel (1/2" minus)
  • Crushed Gravel (3/4" minus)
  • Crushed Gravel (1-1/2" minus)
  • Screened Gravel (2" minus)
  • Hardpak (1-1/8" minus)
  • Bank Run Gravel (6" minus)
Delta Sand and Gravel, Inc.

Fine Aggregate - Sands

Sands are produced to specifications for many facets of the construction industry including concrete sand, blacktop sand, Title 5 fill, and winter road sand.
  • Mason Sand (3/32" minus)
  • Beach Sand (1/16" minus)
  • Gravel Stone Dust (3/16" minus)
  • Concrete Sand (3/16" minus)
  • Regular Sand (3/8" minus)
  • Winter/Road Sand
  • Coarse Winter Sand (1/2" minus)
  • Title 5 Sand
  • Natural Infield Mix
Delta Sand and Gravel, Inc.

Unwashed Gravel Stone

Larger stones are screened and are popular for decorative, landscaping, and erosion control. Contractors and homeowners often "hand-pick" specific stones. NOTE: These products are NOT washed. The Erosion Control Stone contains a lot of fines. Rain will wash them to look clean.
  • Landscape Stone (1" to 3")
  • Landscape Stone (3" to 6")
  • Super Sized Stone (6" to 12")
  • Erosion Control Stone (5" minus surge)
Delta Sand and Gravel, Inc.

Trap Rock (Quarry) Products

We purchase trap rock products for resale in order to meet all your needs and when specifically required for a job.
  • 3/4" TRG (3/4" minus trap rock gravel)
  • 1/2" TRG (1/2" minus trap rock gravel)
  • Dense Graded Crushed Stone
  • Quarry Stone Dust
  • 3/8" Trap Rock
  • 3/4" Trap Rock
  • 1-1/2" Trap Rock
  • RIPRAP Select (3"-8" MassDOT Modified Rock Fill)
Delta Sand and Gravel, Inc.


Screened loam is a high-quality topsoil used by many individuals. Other products that vary in inventory from time to time include blocks and curb cuts of granite, grades of clay, silt, and a sandy fill used for septic systems.
  • Loam
  • Granite
  • Clay
  • Non-Structural Fill
  • Sandy Fill
Delta Sand and Gravel, Inc.


Delta Sand and Gravel, Inc., is not a dump and never accepts any type of hazardous or contaminated materials. Clean construction products are welcomed for recycling. All inbound loads are inspected.
  • Loam
  • Clean Gravel
  • Excavated Blacktop, Clean Blacktop, Blacktop Millings, or Reclaimed Mix
  • Concrete Rubble (15" minus, NO metal)
  • Concrete, Broken with Mesh (sidewalks)
  • Concrete, Large or with steel/rebar
  • Brick or Containing Brick
  • Clean Fill
  • Clean Fill Mixture (Sand/Gravel/Silt/Clay)


Aggregates for Concrete, Hot Mix Asphalt, Construction, Roofing, Septic Systems, Landscaping, and the Homeowner.